L05 – Weekly Reflection

I loved listening to the short video that our instructor had us watch this past week, “Dieter F. Uchtdorf – Create Mormon Message” What an inspiring talk about God wanting us to use our individual creativity in all that we do.

The video was a great precursor to reading and taking part in our group discussion board about the variety of businesses that each of us have chosen for our web business creation project.

Who would of thought to sell socks, a political blog that accepts donations, DIY affiliate marketing, subscription service for radio sweeper ads, beanies, sewing blog, two photography websites, private investigations/processer and a woodworking site.

This week I have gained a greater confidence that anyone if given the tools and opportunity could become self-sufficient if they put forth the time and effort. We are very blessed in this time and age to have the power of the internet to promote our business to a wider audience than ever before in the history of mankind.

I am thankful for Heavenly Father’s divine plan that he has given us the ability to be creative and the desire to seek after knowledge to progress in this mortal life.

Lesson 04: Weekly Reflection

This past week has been very interesting in using our Quantify and Compare spreadsheets on three separate topics.   Choosing a Product, Web Creator/Editor and an internet Host.

Before even starting this class, my hope was to be able to create a web site that would promote my current business interest and experience. Private investigations and Process Service. Working with the Google keyword Planning tools gave me several ideas as to how I could promote my business website.

Choosing a Web Creator and host was an eye opener to the variety of programs and options available. Ultimately based on my criteria of pricing, ease of use and upgradeability, I like Website Tonight as my website creator. 1and1 is my choice for host, I currently use them for my current websites, they have great pricing plans and a free domain name.

I am looking forward to next week’s class of creating the website. Wish me luck!