L09 – Weekly Reflection

This week we are learning about Google Analytics and relevancy in our Google AdWords Campaign.  Using Google analytics, I can track my visitor as he visits my site, determine how long he is there and what pages and keywords he is actually looking at.  Having this data helps Google analyze what keywords and ads are most effective in attracting consumers to my website.  Since the amount of data collected is so much, Google analytics helps to interpret the data and provide me with solutions and changes to help make my website a success while reducing my advertising expenses.

After much study and review of in depth articles written about the power of Google Analytics, I have found one article in particular that helps me identify 14 ways that Google Analytics helps improve my website.  The article is a Forbes.com article dated January 2017, titled, “14 Ways You Can Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Website”.   Three key take-aways from the article that I am implementing in my site are, Identifying the keywords that drive my visit, enable Google Search Console and leverage attention grabbing pages of my website.  I believe focusing on these 3 items will help generate additional inquiry visits to my site.


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