L06 – Weekly Reflection

So, I chose to use GoDaddy.com to obtain my domain name, host site and create my website, https://txstatewideprocessservices.com/. I liked how GoDaddy was all inclusive and at a fair price. I struggled at first with my domain name, since the name I wanted was up for bid at $1000 a year. I choose not to go with my first choice and picked a domain name that was similar.

Creating the website was straight forward, GoDaddy had a fewer choice designs that I would had expected, but overall I was satisfied. GoDaddy offered me the flexibility to add my own designs, photos, and html. My site contains all the requirements of class at this point in time and looks pretty awesome as well.

I am looking forward to the next several weeks of marketing, which I believe to be the most beneficial of all the components that will make our site successful.

I now feel confident enough now that this class will give me enough information and skill to pursue more in-depth classes in web creation and design.

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