This is my blog page which I created last year for one of my web design classes, and I hope to continue where I left off for this class.

Well here it is, my final class, in my final semester of BYU-Idaho!  I am taking B250-03 (Online) Web Business Creation.  This class culminates my Business of Science in Applied Management degree.  What a great adventure I have had since starting the Pathway program in 2015.  This semester I am learning the value of creating a website based business which will compliment my brick and mortar existing business to help drive added sales opportunities and efficiencies.

This past week we have been discussing in class on how to decide and choose on a product and a web business model using the Google AdWords software.  What a great site to go to and use the keyword planner tool.  I have right at my fingertips the ability to decide the demand, frequency and relevance of keywords that could drive customers to a site that I create.  Through peer reviews and discussions with my classmates, I have learned to strive to be more open minded and think outside the box.  We are not only students but we are teachers as well in helping each other to offer a different perspective or insight that others might have missed or overlook.

I am so thankful for this class this past week and the growth and knowledge that I can learn and use in creating my first personally created business website.


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