This is my slide project- It is on based “The Living Christ” Declaration given January 1st, 2000 by the First Presidency of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. I utilized 9 slides in my project to depict the main points of the talk. My main points per each slides as follows.

  • The Living Christ – Title Slide
  • His Birth
  • His Baptism
  • His Gospel
  • He Was Crucified
  • His Resurrection
  • The Restoration
  • Our Testimony
  • He Lives


I utilized a Light Blue Color Scheme for each slide and added a full transparent title bar across the top of each page with a large Times Roman Font for clarity.  The Final page I actually use the actual full color Painting of the the First Slide which also offers has a coordinating blue pastel to match the proceeding slides.  i thought the final slide would give an additional emphasis to the He Lives slide!

My instructor critique my work and thought I should have all my slides more color coordinated which I did in the blue tone.  I also aligned my titles on each page more consistently than in my draft.

Paul Snow also critiqued my draft with no additional recommendations.

I critiqued Brittney Crisp and Courtney Lamoreaux drafts.


4 thoughts on “6A-Slideproject

  1. Wow! Fantastic take on our project, Jim!! I really liked what you did. Your presentation had an overall great layout, and was very uniform in its presentation making it neat and easy to follow. My only suggestion would have been to play with the color scheme a little bit. Is there a reason why you chose to make everything a tone of blue? Remember that color schemes invoke emotion. What kind of message did you want to send your audience with your color scheme? Great work.
    Heres a link to my blog https://katestring.wordpress.com/category/design/
    You should also check out Braydon’s blog. Hes doing great work, https://braydonwebb.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/inspiring-slides/.


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