5A Event Flier Project


Message: Through the efforts of local citizens and local companies we can raise the awareness of these special children, their families and their extraordinary abilities.  These children are not lesser in any imagination of the mind and have a great future ahead of them. Get involved and be inspired to help increase the awareness of Down Syndrome and how to help.  Come join our Buddy Walk and show your support!

Audience: I would like to reach out to all those individuals and companies that would like to help raise funds for a worthy cause of helping East Texas families with children that suffer from Down Syndrome.

The Process: First after deciding on my audience and the message for the charitable event, I created 4 sketches of my flier.   I found several of the logos for the Down Syndrome Group and their Annual Buddy Walk online.  I compared my sketches with the logo and my event. I then determined that I liked my first sketch and created my flier using Microsoft Word.

I used the logo’s color of blue and yellow to be the color scheme throughout my flier and pictures. I then carefully examined my Logo to determine what font and color scheme was being utilized in its creation.  I wanted to tie in that color and style of font with my Title and my flier.  I utilized the program The Front Squirrel to find the font, it was  ITC Highlander Std Book  – Decorative.   I was able to download the desired front free to Word and I was able to incorporate it my Title.  I originally used a center alignment then switched to a left after the suggestion of Brother Shurtliff.

I then did the same process with my body text to determine the Arial font in the Logo which I did use in my body copy. Both the Title and body copy utilized different sizes of their corresponding fonts.

Critique Report: Brother Shurtliff made 6 main critiques,  1. Focus on the Main title and make all the other information and logo smaller and perhaps move it away from the Title altogether.  2. I did make my logo smaller and placed at the lower right hand of the page to give more dominance to the Title.  3.I also pulled some of the lesser Title information, When and Where” and placed it in a lesser font size in the top of the right column. 4. I also change my 3 original fonts to only 2 complimentary distinct fonts in the flier, ITC Highlander Std Book  – Decorative  and 5. The suggestion was also made by Brother Shurtliff to minimize the text by eliminating duplicity.  This also help with suggestion of   creating more white space in the text box.  Whitnie Schimpf critiqued my flier and made the suggestion of less text as well.  Ryan Thomas liked my flier as is and did not have any items to change.

I critiqued Whitnie Schimpf’s and Lucy Anglero’s fliers.

Links to images: pictures –  http://www.etdsg.org/    logo – Buddy Walk Logo

Font Name/Category: Title: ITC Highlander Std Book  – Decorative    Body Copy: Arial, sans serif

7 thoughts on “5A Event Flier Project

  1. Jim, I really like your flier and the bright colors are really eye catching. The pictures are really fun and it gets the point across that this event will be a lot of fun to those who attend and it is for a good cause. Also, I see that you really like hiking, as do I, and I was wondering if you have hiked the AT or if it is a goal. Let me know.

    Check out my blog if you get a chance.

    Also, Whitnie Schwarz has a blog worth looking at.


    1. Hi Brice, Thanks for the comments. I noticed you have done quite a few projects on hiking too! I actually did take a 30 day solo winter backpacking trip on the AT in 2015. I started at the approach at Amicalola Falls at the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail and was able to cover 350 miles. It was awesome. I hope to go back to do either more section hikes or a thru-hike after I graduate in 2018.



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