4A Tasteful Typography-Jim Smith


Here is my design project in Word:



Process: I knew which quotes I was going to select.  I love listening to and reading Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s talks, he is an inspirational man that touches my heart as I him speak about the tender mercies we can have if we just keep on trying.  I had a picture that I was going to use of my little granddaughter having a bad hair day, but the quality of the picture was not good enough so,  I looked online as the project suggested and found this great picture of how I actually felt at times as I prepared for this project.  After finding the picture I then open a new page on Word and inserted a text box off to one side. Then I inserted my picture onto the document and expanded it proportionally to cover the entire page.  I carefully typed my upper quote using a smaller italic black font of  Bookman Old in 14pt .  My next box down was utilizing a larger 95% white 27pt Bold Bookman Old font to match the shirt. My line art was done last but is the next sequence in my picture, that was just added line type that I thought would complement the below the Title and below Elder Holland’s name.  After the line art I decided the size of the next text box and placed it as I shaped the sentences around the arm. I would copy the blank box to use it as template for each succeeding box to ensure proper sizing. I would then type in the text into each box to fill one line.  Tedious but a great learning experience.  After it was completed to my satisfaction to meet all the criteria, I used the PDF2JPG converter and it worked like a charm.  I learned a lot of what not to do and how to work the programs and I actually enjoyed it.  The reward of having finished a tough project for me is to hear how you like it.

Critique Report: I critiqued Whitnie Schimpf, LuAnn Jordan Crossley and Brigham Mero. Lu Ann Jordan Crossley was kind enough to critique my project and she liked the flow of my text as it followed the arm.  The instructors critique was awesome, he suggested 2 changes; that I changed the Title font from black to white to tie in the shirt and secondly to left aligned the top Quote with the Title, it was too centered in my original draft.  After making the changes I like it.  I also thought that the original wording on the body copy was very long so I did shorten the original quote by one sentence without taking away from the original context.

Links to image: http://tomjustin.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Frustrated.jpg

Font Name/Category: Title: Bookman Old, oldstyle       Body Copy: Century Gothic, sans serif


8 thoughts on “4A Tasteful Typography-Jim Smith

  1. I loved what you did with your tasteful typography assignment. I like the way the words follow the males arm. I also like your font and font color. Its easy to read and look very cool. Awesome work it looks really good.


  2. Jim, Your project is great! We can all relate to stressful days and times of our lives. I love the picture you chose. I would have liked to have seen the bad hair day of your grand-daughter. I love how the title is white to match the white shirt and paper on the desk. By having that it brings your eye down to the desk to see what he is doing and why he could be stressed. I love that the body copy follows his arm and gives some motion to the copy. Great job!


  3. Jim, I’m still impressed with the final product as much as I was with your draft. Maybe it’s because this guy looks so much like my son! I think you will get a lot of comments on your positioning of the body copy. It really adds to the picture. Obviously, the message is universal. Great job all the way around.

    I’ll share Darby Maloney’s blog with you:

    and mine!


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